If you love your pets…. bring them to Hillsdale Animal Hospital

I’ve been going to Hillsdale Animal Hospital for over 10 years and have always had excellent, caring, and compassionate service from Dr. Karla Frazier and the rest of the staff for my 3 German Shepherd dogs. My most recent experience was with Dr. Violet Kirk who was treating my cat’s serious eye infection. Trust me. This was no pink eye, but an ulcerated cornea, that literally flared up almost overnight, and could have potentially cost him his sight. Dr. Kirk and RVT Mitzi Morgan assigned themselves specifically to my cat’s care, and went WAY ABOVE AND BEYOND what I could have ever imagined to see that my cat got the best care possible. I seriously can’t thank them enough. If you love your pets so much that you consider them family, and you want nothing but the best care possible in their time of need, bring them to Hillsdale Animal Hospital.

Marty B.